What Students Said

Katrina Kukurs

Canada Immigration Consultant

“The course 'How to define, reach and convert your ideal customer' showed me the steps I need to break down to find and connect with my potential clients. This was a missing piece of my business and the benefit extends beyond successful advertising. With my new focused approach to work, I will save time and resources, and improve the connection with my clients.”

Sandra Haddad

Business Development Coach

“The course 'How to define, reach and convert your ideal customer' guides you through the steps that you need to take to reach your audience and convert it to customers. Even if you will not do it yourself at least you will be able to recognize if your marketing agency is on the right track and aligned with what your business needs.”

Werner Skalla

Owner at Skapago Publishing

“The course was very engaging and insightful. The weekly calls held me accountable to implement everything I was learning right away and gave me a lot of ideas on how to improve my strategy. ”

Faraj Comair

Founder at RushForLess

“You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world.”

Rhea Abboud

Co-founder at hadiyati.com

“The course "Framework to design a successful online ad campaign" provides a clear framework and methodology to craft and design a successful advertising campaign, with practical inspiring examples. The format of the course with video recordings and live calls is unique as it allowed us to get tailored feedback directly from the instructor on specific assignments applied to our business, ask live questions and get instant answers. ”

Maria Farah


“The course "Framework to design a successful online ad campaign" is very insightful. In a series of short recordings, all the necessary information is covered clearly & in detail. The videos make the overall learning experience better and the examples given are a great addition. Having us complete an assignment and sharing it with other participants is another great initiative to encourage positive and constructive criticism. I look forward to applying what I learned in this course in my business. ”

Dania Hatem Saadé

Dandy Kaslik Franchisee

“About: Framework to design a successful online ad campaign It is an interactive course. Its content is interesting and insightful. The knowledge and systematic thinking we get out of it helps a lot in optimizing and adapting online ad campaigns during these times when e-commerce / social media can no longer be neglected.”

What’s different?

Is that you?

–  An entrepreneur building a business, working on a side hustle, or a secondary source of income

–  A solopreneur looking to reach more customers while keeping expenses in check

–  A small business owner interested in standing out and attracting more customers

–  Someone with a business idea and willing to bring it to life

–  An entrepreneur keen on learning new growth techniques

If you belong to either of these categories, then you have come to the right place. Skill Surfing is a platform to train small to medium business owners like you and help you with their business growth. 

Our Solution

Unlike bigger enterprises, most often SME owners don’t have the luxury to hire business growth experts, or let’s say, agencies.

So, what should be your best course of action? 


We believe everyone has the potential to launch and grow a successful business, and SME owners are already halfway there.

Skill Surfing will give you the extra push to cross the other half.

In our bespoke courses and engaging live coaching sessions, you will be able to grow your business with advanced techniques, sooner than expected!

What’s different?
What’s different?

What to Expect from Skill Surfing

– Self-paced learning with live online sessions to guide you step by step

– Engaging courses and programs with actionable insights, tested frameworks, and a hands-on approach to implement learnings right away

– Focused guidelines on solving business problems as opposed to teaching subject matters

– Minimal class size to ensure you get the real time support your need

– Grooming sessions with successful business owners in a wide variety of industries

Skill Surfing’s Business SME Business Courses

How to define, reach, and convert your ideal customer 

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A Content Plan That Gets You Customers

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Scale Your Business With Effective Content Marketing Strategies   Are you struggling to develop a content marketing plan?  Are you...

Design successful online ad campaigns

A course by Jennifer Kanaan

Struggling to Generate Leads and Conversions Despite Spending Hundreds of $$$ on Paid Ads? Follow this easy-to-follow course and 2x...

Skill Surfing

We believe in the power of independent small businesses and the value they bring to their communities and their families. This is why our mission is to build more confident entrepreneurs and more solid businesses by empowering them with knowledge, skills, and tools in a supportive and inspirational space. Our courses focus on both the individual entrepreneur and the business itself, as we believe these are deeply linked together. Through self-paced courses and live coaching sessions, we teach entrepreneurs personal development skills and advanced business growth techniques.

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