About US

Building more confident entrepreneurs and more solid businesses.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of independent small businesses and the value they bring to their communities and their families.

This is why our mission is to build more confident entrepreneurs and more solid businesses by empowering them with knowledge, skills, and tools in a supportive and inspirational space. Skill Surfing is an online learning platform that focuses on both the individual entrepreneur and the business itself as we believe these are deeply linked together.

The Story Behind Skill Surfing

We have worked with businesses of all sizes and in different industries. We also consulted and trained these businesses on a range of topics.

Through this journey, we have realized that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs are often overlooked for a variety of reasons but they hold a huge potential for innovation and growth with a significant economic impact on their surrounding environment.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs require a different learning and coaching approach to be able to solidify and grow their businesses.

We were convinced that we needed to approach learning for entrepreneurs and small businesses in a different way based on our experience. But that was not enough data. We started researching and looking into traditional online learning platforms and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms and that allowed us to identify some general issues people were having with online learning.

In order for us to confirm our findings at a larger scale, we set up to build a survey, based on the insights we uncovered during the research phase, that was completed by people and businesses within our target audience. Some of the most common and frequent issues we identified were:

Too much theory, with no practical knowledge. No examples.
Just do and don’ts, no strategy.
No access to instructors, no answers on questions, it is all automated.
The video lessons go on and on and present no added value. The instructor keeps repeating himself.
It was a paid course that could have been an article. The course is an accumulation of all the regular knowledge that you can find almost everywhere.
The instructor talks about how he successfully marketed his apps on the app store to maximize downloads, but again that is just a mention, not geared at teaching new entrepreneurs how to achieve the same.
The names of the courses are misleading.

This was good and insightful data but it was not enough. There is a big difference between identifying issues and pains people are having and validating the solution you are offering to solve these pains including how much they are willing to pay for it.

This is one of the approaches we teach in our courses by the way 🙂

That is why we created our first paid program and tested it with actual customers. The experience and feedback confirmed our initial insights.

That is how and why we built Skill Surfing.

But, we continue to listen and learn from entrepreneurs and small businesses on their issues and we take student feedback on our courses and programs very seriously. Because this solution was built for you!

So if you want to give us feedback, have a special course request, or want to bring forward a specific issue you are trying to solve in your business, please reach out to us, our ears and hearts are always open.

And by the way, we also are a small business 🙂

Our learning methodology:

  • We blend self-paced learning with live online classes hosted by the instructor.

  • We offer courses and programs that focus on business objectives instead of learning subject matters.

  • We guide you step by step to build and implement strategies right away to maximize knowledge transfer and a longer-term impact on your business.

  • All courses and programs include a practice assignment with tailored feedback for your business.

Our guiding principles:

  • Your time and budget are valuable. We don’t take them for granted

  • Each business is different and each founder or business owner is also different. We use that uniqueness to your advantage during the live sessions

  • Practice and implementation of learnings are key for long-term impact. We encourage immediate practice in your business.

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