10 Must-Ask Interview Questions for Marketing Freelancers

June 15, 2022
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Businessman asking interview questions for marketing freelancers through a video call

When your business is growing, eventually having a marketing person on the team is necessary to cover all your bases. Email marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising take time and technical expertise that small businesses and their teams usually lack. Partnering with a marketing freelancer is often the most efficient way to get what you need during your growth stages; But what questions to ask during an interview for marketing?

A good marketing partner is someone who understands your product, your audience, and the motivations that bring them together. They can get behind your business philosophies, understand your brand, and – of course – have the marketing skills to get you results.

We understand it can be a daunting task to find the right marketing person to work with you. To make your process easier, here are ten interview questions for marketing freelancers that will help you establish a connection and find the right marketing freelancer to form a partnership with your brand.

1) Would You Use the Brand, Product, or Service? Why?

When building a partnership, you want a marketer who understands your company and audience. This should be someone who sees value in your product and would use it under the right circumstances. Otherwise, how can they speak to your audience?

Even if they’re not in your target audience, they should be able to get enthusiastic about the purpose and quality of the product or service.

2) How Do You Usually Work With Your Clients? What is Your Process? 

Ask your freelancer what their process is, how they usually conduct a shared campaign with clients and how would your clients describe you? This is a question whose answers offer insight. You can catch a glimpse of what it will be like to work together. 

Our suggestion is to ask these questions first and then dig deeper with follow-up questions as needed.

3) What is Your Understanding of Our Brand Personality?

You also want a marketer who understands the personality and voice of your brand. Your core values and perspective on the industry should shine through in every piece they draft, and every customer review response they write.

4) What Types of Digital Marketing Do You Offer? What Do You Specialize In?

Get the full scope of what your marketing freelancer can offer. Ask what they do and what they do best. Get an idea of which skills your marketer plans to use to improve your digital marketing presence.

5)  What is Your Marketing Vision for Our Company?

Ask what their vision is for your company and marketing campaign. Most marketers come in with a vision – a grand plan to help you see results and grow your brand. It’s important that your visions align.

 6)  How Will You Build from Our Current Marketing?

Your current marketing campaign is the starting place for any new marketer on the team. Ask how they would take what you already have and improve the brand from there.

Make sure to be crystal clear on the additional budget available for advertising and other activities needed to perform these digital marketing strategies. The trick is to avoid hiring a marketing freelancer who relies on or plans to use big budgets and tools that might not be available in your budget.

7) Can We See Examples of Your Previous Work?

Ask to see previous campaigns your marketer has worked on. This will give you a glimpse into their style, their sense of composition, and how well they can adapt their work to the industry and niche of each client.

8) What Do You Expect from Us?

Know what your marketer expects the company to do as part of your shared efforts. This could be monthly meetings or more involved participation.

9) How Will You Determine Your Success?

Make sure your marketing freelancer is ready to use analytics to measure the success of their methods at every step.

10) How Will You Help Us Grow? What are Your Plans for Growth?

Finally, ask your marketer how they can help you grow. Discover their vision of your forward progress as a company.

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