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Everything you need to know about the Course and Pricing.

Courses and Programs

Courses and programs on Skill Surfing are created specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners. That means that all of the strategies, frameworks and learnings provided in the course are easily applied with little to no advertising budget or external or technical support.

Courses and programs have been created by industry experts who work with entrepreneurs and small business owners and understand exactly their struggles.

Courses and programs are filled with actionable, bit-sized information in a highly engaging format to encourage course completion.

All courses and programs have live group sessions with the instructor so you can ask all of your questions and get tailored feedback and insights on your assignments. For assignments, we encourage you to use your business case so that you start implementing your learnings right away.

A program has a start and end date, with weekly or biweekly Q&A and review group calls. A program also includes assignments to be completed before each review call.

A course can be completed anytime. Once completed, and after you submit your assignment, you will receive the schedule for the upcoming Review group calls for you to pick from.

Yes, both courses and programs have live group sessions but they differ in frequency.

Courses have one live group Review session to get all of your questions answered and get tailored feedback and insights from your instructor as well as other students. You will receive the schedule of Review sessions once you have completed the course and submitted your assignment.

Programs have weekly or biweekly Q&A and Review sessions that start with the start of the program and end with it. The instructor will send you the schedule of sessions ahead of time for you to plan accordingly.

You can check the specific course or program page you are interested in for more details.

Courses and programs on Skill Surfing have been developed with you in mind, the entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business owner. Instructors understand the need of small businesses to optimize resources and budgets and their limitations can also be of personal and emotional nature.

Once you complete a course and submit your assignment, the instructor will review it and give you tailored feedback based on your business and industry during the review session. He or she might share additional insights and strategies that you can use, if needed.

Once you join a program, you will complete a small questionnaire about you and your business. This helps the instructor identify your exact objectives and needs, understand your industry and business and give you tailored feedback during the review sessions.

Yes, all courses and programs have live sessions hosted by the instructor.

We blend self-paced learning with live coaching. The lessons and modules are recorded but the Q&A and Review calls take place live.

We do not offer certification upon completion of courses as we believe integrating the knowledge and implementing directly on your business is more valuable than the certificate itself. It also allows for higher knowledge retention, better transfer of skills, and a longer-term impact on your business.

You can’t download the course material, however you have lifetime access to the material and you can get back to it anytime you need a refresher on the content.

You can download some course items such as assignments, checklists and other resources.

Courses on Skill Surfing have been created for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them tackle specific business problems. This is why our courses are divided into categories based on the business stage.

Discover: Discover strategies, business ideas, and approaches that can help you define, refine and research your business. Courses and programs in this category also guide entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who have a business idea but do not know where to start.

Build: Your business is up and running but you want to build a stronger and better foundation, systems, and plans.

Grow: Both you and your business are ready to grow and scale.

If you are not sure which category your business belongs to, or if you are hesitating between 2 different courses or programs, get in touch with us and we will help you pick the one that is most suitable for you.

You should be able to pick between the different courses and programs offered based on the topic or the specific business problem you are trying to tackle.

Keep in mind that the time commitment differrs between courses and programs.

All courses and program details including learning outcomes and pre-requisites are available on the course page.

If after reviewing all of these, you are still unsure which course or program to take, kindly contact our support team on the contact us page so they can guide you in the decision making process.

We schedule our sessions based on the instructor’s time zone and availability.

However, if you don’t find a live session time that works for you, reply back to the email clarifying the reason and the team will try to find a suitable solution.

We highly encourage you to attend all live sessions to get your questions answered and get tailored feedback on your assignment but also to engage with other students and learn from them.

If for any reason, you can’t attend the session you booked, we suggest you inform us before the session as we don’t record the live sessions. We will then inform the instructor to answer your questions, or give you feedback on your assignment by email.

You have lifetime access to the courses and programs material.

For most Skill Surfing courses, there are no pre-requisites.

If a course has any knowledge or skills pre-requisites, they are listed on the course page.

Programs have a start and end date and run multiple times during the year.

If you are interested in a specific program that doesn’t have any upcoming session listed or all upcoming sessions are full or have unsuitable dates, you can join the waitlist and our team will inform you by email as soon as another session opens up. The schedule of upcoming session and the option to join the waitlist are available on the course page.

Also, for updates on new courses and repeat programs, subscribe to our newsletter updates. You can also keep up-to-date by liking Skill Surfing on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

Payments and Refunds

You can pay for the courses and programs with a credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Our prices, similar to our courses, are adjusted for entrepreneurs and small business owners while evaluating the real value you get from these courses.

If for any reason, you are not entirely happy with the course you enrolled in, you can request a refund within 7 days of paying for it if you have not booked a live session during these 7 days.

Note: Refunds are not available for programs (with a start and end date).

For a refund, kindly contact our team on the contact us page on by email on

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