3 Expert Tips for Shareable Content Creation on Social Media

January 21, 2022
Skill Surfing

Content creation is essential to meet your desired goals for any digital marketing strategy.

Tips for shareable content

However, while over 90% of businesses rely on content marketing to some level, only a fraction of them produce contagious content and prompt users to share on the various social networks available. Content that lacks such high levels of interaction will hardly fulfill its exact purpose or even reach the target audience.

Also, changes in social media algorithms make creating shareable content even harder. The reach for organic content has dramatically reduced, yet competition is at its high time.

If you are up to the challenge of remaining the best and rising above the sea of the clogged social media sphere, it would be best to look for ideas that will enable you to stand out. We’ll give you some practical tips for shareable content creation on social media.

What Is Shareable Content?

Shareable content refers to a piece of illustration in text, audio, or video that is helpful, amusing, or entertaining and prompts the listener or reader to share with others. According to a UCLA study, human beings have an inherent desire to share information with others.

At the core of shareable content is a compelling topic that raises emotion and ignites something in the mind and heart. By informing others, the informant is looking to evoke a response from other people and enable them to get the value they get from interacting with the same content.

Tip: Trying to find ways to produce content that is customer-focused? If so, this guide will discuss some of the greatest strategies to produce content that your clients will adore.

What Are The Benefits Of Shareable Content?

That’s a reasonable question for anyone who wants to create shareable content. The benefits include:

  • Connecting and building a relationship with your followers and prospects: The relationship you build with your prospects and followers is essential to building brand loyalty and generating new leads.
  • Raising awareness of your brand: The more eyeballs on your content on the web or your social media platforms, the more people will know your business exists and the products or services you offer. Having shared content is a surefire for meeting new readers who may be your prospective customers.
  • Boost brand loyalty: It is common for people to trust content and brands recommended by friends and family more than the ones they meet by themselves. It is the most credible way of advertising without investing in paid advertising.
  • Social shares impact SEO: The value of social shares to SEO is an ongoing debate. However, studies suggest that websites that rank higher on Google also have a wider social presence due to many shares.

Tip: Creating iconic headings, and easy-to-understand CTAs can enhance your overall content. Here are some tips to create marketable content.

How to Create Shareable Content

There are various shareable content examples that you can follow to optimize your content for sharing.

  1. Trigger Emotions  

Emotional content tries to strike a chord with its audience and make them feel something by interacting. The words used in the content will ignite heat in the reader’s heart and get their blood pumping. For example, memes get shared fast across various social media networks allowing many people to see what you are offering.

  1. Appeal to Your Ideal Customer Values

Every customer is unique, and they have ideal values that you need to appeal to make your content shareable. Create customized content that tackles individual customer issues while giving them more value. Every business is unique, and your content should appeal to your prospects.

  1. Post Content That Educates and Adds Value  

Another great way to create shareable content is by investing in resources that make it worthwhile. These may be educational posts like this guide Amazon SEO from AURA or instructional articles that answer how-to questions. The choice will depend on the solutions you want to offer your customers.

Content creation is a combination of creativity and skills that will enable you to stand out in the competition. At Skill Surfing, we offer expert courses with live coaching to allow you to implement best content practices in your business right away. Check out some of our courses today to get started.

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