5 Steps to Find Your Ideal Client on Instagram

If your digital marketing strategy is highly dependent on content marketing and you use Instagram as one of the major platforms for that, it’s paramount that you find your ideal clients on Instagram. Evidently, it’s of great importance that you..

Ideal Client on Instagram

If your digital marketing strategy is highly dependent on content marketing and you use Instagram as one of the major platforms for that, it’s paramount that you find your ideal clients on Instagram.

Evidently, it’s of great importance that you emphasize creating good quality content so that you can attract and engage your audience, but at the same time, finding ideal clients on the platform is no less important.

Ideal Client on Instagram

You might be going out of your way to finding out how to make great Instagram reels or what’s the perfect time to post your content, but it’s about time to learn how to find your ideal client on Instagram.

You might try posting quite a number of times per week or make sure that at least one story is up every 24 hours, but this won’t ensure that your content is reaching out to the ideal clients. We will talk about how you can do that instead throughout this article.

You can try seeking out your ideal clients on Instagram by interacting with other people’s content. It will help you with both outreach and audience engagement.

Let’s look at some steps you can actively take to effectively seek out your ideal clients on Instagram to help you achieve your desired business goals and revenue.

1. Finding Hashtags that Your Ideal Clients Might Be Searching On the Platform

It’s a very common and effective tactic to engage a new audience and find your ideal client base. You need to determine who are your target and ideal audience and what kind of hashtags they might be using while searching for services or products on the platform or hashtags they might be using on their own posts and stories. If your target client is a university-going student, some of your hashtags can be like:

  • #lifeofastudent
  • #workingstudent
  • #lifeofyoungadults
  • #dailylifeofstudents
  • #workandstudy
  • #studentrepreneurs

These are just a few examples. As a social media strategist, you will have to find out what are the hashtags that are getting used the most by your ideal buyer persona and what are the popular and trending ones. At the same time, hashtags that are relevant to your business, you can start following them so that posts with those hashtags appear before you.

You can also directly look into the posts with those hashtags. Then using them in your posts and stories regularly will help you attract your ideal clients. At the same time, interacting with those posts and visiting the profiles of the users’ to interact with their other posts can help you too. You can also find the hashtags from the people already following you.

You can try taking some steps to optimize your profile for the hashtags and keywords you have found. They are:

  • Use keywords in your name bio and name
  • Adding alt tags to images
  • Adding location tags
  • Using call-to-actions

The more you will optimize your content and profile, the more you’ll be able to reach out to your ideal audience on Instagram.

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2. Finding Clients Via Feature Pages

Feature pages are special accounts that curate user content around certain niches and credit the original creditors in the captions of their posts. You can try finding such pages that match your industry and go through their posts to find users that match the features of your ideal client.

After that, you can visit their profiles to interact with them by liking some of their posts and leaving a comment or two. You don’t have to follow them unless you are genuinely interested in their content and you plan on following them even if they don’t follow you back. 

3. Finding Clients through Your Competitors

You can easily check your competitors’ followers and visit the profiles that fit the persona of your ideal client and then interact with their content in the same way. Point to be noted, if your ideal clients have private profiles, you can try engaging with them by liking their comments. It might make them wonder who liked their comments and get them to check your profile. 

4. Creating Proper Content

It’s always the most important thing to do. Your content, after all, has the biggest impact on how your ideal clients will find you. You need to post valuable content which your ideal clients will be searching for on Instagram and find as interesting and something of value. You can go for various forms of content such as:

  • Static graphics
  • Stories
  • Videos/GIFs
  • Carousels
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Instagram Live

Find out which of these results in the best engagement from your audience. You need to post content liked by your ideal content, not something you like posting. 

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5. Instagram Analytics

You need to look at the analytics to understand if your content is resonating with your ideal client or not. From the types of content mentioned above, you need to find out which types of content are performing the best. According to Instagram, reels are prioritized the most among all types but check what your audience prefers. 

You can also compare the demographic between your two audiences, one that already follows your account and others that you reach with your posts. It will help you ensure your current followers are within your ideal clients and your content is reaching out to the right audience. You can check with the following metrics-

  • Gender ratio
  • Top Age Ranges
  • Top Countries and Cities

It will also help you know when your audience is the most active on social media, so you will be able to post at the right time to get more engagement. The more you get to understand your audience, the more you will be able to find your ideal clients on Instagram.

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Final Words

No matter how much effort you put in crafting interesting and ideal content to promote your brand and products, you won’t be able to get your desired results if your posts don’t appear before your ideal clients. Not being able to reach out to your ideal clients can cause huge problems for your content marketing strategy, and all the efforts and hard work can fail miserably.

So, it’s important that you do your best to find your ideal content through hashtags, keywords, your competitors, and relevant profiles and pages. Once you get a hold of your ideal clients, things will be easy and convenient for you. Then, you can carefully craft content for them to ensure the highest engagement and use relevant hashtags to reach out to more and more of your ideal clients. 

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